Danielle Serret
Danielle Serret

About Danielle

I have created this blog site as a platform where you can come and share your opinions and discuss topics posted relating to energy, manifestation, Earth changes, how to reclaim ownership of your field…and much more.

I was born in Mauritius, but since my family immigrated to Australia when I was only four I had constantly been searching for my home. This lifelong journey led me to observe this world as an outsider until I was able to reconnect with, and learn, to honour my indigenous Knowing. Home really is where the heart is.

Consequently, in my experience as a past-life regressionist, kinesiologist, holographic kinetics practitioner, counsellor, hypnotherapist and social researcher I have accumulated a significant amount of knowledge which I’d like to share with others who are new (or not so new) to their spiritual path.

The information programmed into us from birth about our reality has limited us and put us humans at a disadvantage when it comes to claiming our rights as creators of our reality. My intention is to share the knowledge I have acquired and encourage you to share your experiences and opinions in a respectful and honourable way to all others who comment at this site.

Feel free to ask questions and allow for many possibilities to exist in answer to them. I also encourage you to interact from the heart at all times while you’re here.

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  • Certificate in Spiritual Healing and Chakra Balancing   1995
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy   1996
  • (I spent this period in my life doing informal research into alternative healing, shamanistic practices, Eastern theologies, religion, assessing alternative views of reality and the deconstruction of traditional frameworks…while bringing up four children)
  • Diploma Community Welfare Work   2006
  • Bachelor Social Science, Counselling major    2009
  • Honours Bachelor Social Science, Counselling    2010
  • Holographic Kinetics Levels 1-4    2010