Danielle – Hold Your Vision and Ground Your Light

Hi, I just wanted to connect with you in the physical, because we are always together in the higher realms. I’m sure you know that, and to remind you that your dreams and aspirations are going to be your guides to help you connect with why you are really here right now. Try and remember that you incarnated here at this critical time to ground in your light. We are Beings of the higher dimensions and we are here to help the planet shift to a higher consciousness. Of course we forget who we are as soon as we are born, but by going in and listening to our guidance, visions and desires we help channel in the NEW Earth. Don’t look for evidence of it on the outside, because all things new come from within, ask Einstein and Tesla haha. Look to what inspires you, what makes your heart sing to know what you are meant to ground here on this planet. Of course your vision will be of a much higher vibration than what is already here. You may get the feeling that what you want to create or achieve is ‘unrealistic’. That’s not true. We are here to create the NEW, and we are here to create what is REAL through our guidance and vision for ourselves. In other words, we as lightworkers set the standard for what is REAL, no longer is it in the hands of the representatives of the dark. There are millions of us here now holding the vision for the 5D Earth, and we are the ones who determine what is possible, real and achievable through our gifts and abilities to dream and create from those dreams. [...]