Danielle – Hold Your Vision and Ground Your Light

Hi, I just wanted to connect with you in the physical, because we are always together in the higher realms. I’m sure you know that, and to remind you that your dreams and aspirations are going to be your guides to help you connect with why you are really here right now. Try and remember that you incarnated here at this critical time to ground in your light. We are Beings of the higher dimensions and we are here to help the planet shift to a higher consciousness. Of course we forget who we are as soon as we are born, but by going in and listening to our guidance, visions and desires we help channel in the NEW Earth. Don’t look for evidence of it on the outside, because all things new come from within, ask Einstein and Tesla haha. Look to what inspires you, what makes your heart sing to know what you are meant to ground here on this planet. Of course your vision will be of a much higher vibration than what is already here. You may get the feeling that what you want to create or achieve is ‘unrealistic’. That’s not true. We are here to create the NEW, and we are here to create what is REAL through our guidance and vision for ourselves. In other words, we as lightworkers set the standard for what is REAL, no longer is it in the hands of the representatives of the dark. There are millions of us here now holding the vision for the 5D Earth, and we are the ones who determine what is possible, real and achievable through our gifts and abilities to dream and create from those dreams. [...]

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Danielle – Nurturing Our New Earth

We are going through a tremendous transformational shift right now and for most of us this can be very confusing. It is like we are sitting on the deck of the Titanic and our deck chairs are starting to slide to one side. Some look up to see what is going on and notice the ship is tilting precariously in one direction. Others, at the front of the ship have seen the iceberg and understand the full scope of the situation. The majority though, are complaining that their deck chairs keep sliding inconveniently in the same direction but refuse to look up. Eventually, the full scope of the situation will become visible to all on board, each in their own time. However, for some the understanding may be too much to cope with and they will ignore the signs until the bitter end. No judgement, it is after all a virtual reality... a game in transition. We find ourselves with the opportunity to move from one level to the next. Those ready to make that shift will look up and make the necessary adjustments, others will choose to go down with the ship and continue at their chosen level in another virtual reality...again no judgement. The critical point here is that, in order to move to that next level of the game we must take care of our Avatar (body). Many are feeling at their wits end by the clearing going on right now, abandoning ship is no easy task. The important thing to remember is to release all beliefs, values and measures of success that were part of the 3D world, so that the transition can be easier on you. In other words, you cannot [...]

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Mike Quinsey Message, March 10, 2017

You have been told many times that nothing is really as it seems as you have created your own reality. It reflects exactly how you have understood your needs and how to cater for them. You have also been inspired to seek the best results that will have gradually moved you onwards and upwards at an ever increasing pace. Progress has of course been ably assisted by the incarnation of souls who have been able to inspire you to greater and better things. However, as you all have freewill the final choice has been yours, but those who have ruled from high positions have not always made decisions that have been in your best interests. For century after century you have been subjected to many wars and the resultant death and chaos, that has been coming again and again on the wheel of cause and effect. However, of recent times a new level of consciousness has become sufficiently powerful to provide the energies of change. As a result the people have spoken and are demanding a new path for Humanity that leads to peace on Earth. You have been made aware of the many demonstrations against the authorities that tend to ignore the will of the people. They will continue to take place until their demands are listened to and action taken. Be assured that you the people have enormous power to affect change, so use it wisely and you will reap success. Meantime, more changes that will aid your advancement are becoming made known, and many that have been deliberately suppressed will also be unveiled. Progress into the New Age will come regardless of any attempts by the dark Ones to stop it. It [...]

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Danielle – Stepping into Our Purpose

As we move closer towards the coming Equinox most of us can feel incremental shifts preparing us for another major wave of energy upgrades. The feminine is connecting with the Universal gateway chakra, meaning that our feminine side will be feeling more expansive and multi-dimensional than ever before. She may start remembering lifetimes in other worlds and dimensions, other states of Being and definitely the Unconditionally Loving state of the Universe. The masculine side is opening up psychically, meaning clearer visions, new levels of understanding and creative ideas are coming to the fore as part of reconnecting with our soul’s purpose. As these waves hit, we slowly start to awaken on even deeper levels as more and more people begin to ask: ‘why am I here?’ I  am personally witnessing this as I speak to Lightworkers who are now ready to articulate their visions as the first step to grounding the projects of the New Earth. Writing down our visions and getting them on paper helps pull that vision in. Now is the time for the Lightworkers and Wayshowers to coalesce these ideas and make them a reality. Once our visions are clearly articulated, we can start to add detail and flesh out and fine tune their nuances. This also helps pull in the necessary energies needed to manifest your dream. Additionally, the clearer your vision, the more alert you are to the exterior synchronicities that are bringing them to you. The whole process is one steeped in joy, fun and creative adventure as we finally get to play with ideas which had been relegated to the back burner due to lack of funding or time constraints. The new energies are felt like a gentle drawing [...]

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Tanaaz – Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2017

The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the intuitive and watery sign of Pisces on February 26th. This Solar Eclipse is the first of the year and is going to set the tone and energy for the months ahead. In fact, whatever energy transpires on this Eclipse is likely to create a theme that will last until the next Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Earlier this month on February 11, we had a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, which was all about endings, letting go and clearing out the past. This energy has still been lingering but will shift as the New Moon Solar Eclipse energy takes over. If Lunar Eclipses are all about endings, Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings. Whatever emotions or events were stirred earlier this month are likely to melt away and shift in a new direction as February draws to a close. Energetically, the Universe has been calling on all of us to move through a process of endings. To some extent, we have all been called on by the Universe in different ways to shed the old in order to make way for the new. Perhaps you have even noticed this constant theme of “death and rebirth” through the last 12 months and the breaking away of old thoughts, beliefs and ideas. The Lunar Eclipse earlier this month was in many ways the tipping point of all of this energy. Whatever needed to be cleared from your life has likely already started to melt away and perhaps, even through the chaos of it all, you are starting to feel a certain amount of relief. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 26, is definitely going to be something to look forward to. This Eclipse [...]

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Sandra Walter – Stargate Activated: Gateways Open for Embodiment

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive stargate portal from the Great Central Sun is a highly encoded geometric template. The Gateway of this week – beginning on the 222 (February 22) will trigger aspects within the new HUman templates, and launch many of you into a stronger experience of the Cosmic Christ. In December we received the vision of a timeline division this year, which appeared as DNA splitting the higher and lower realities. The 222 also presented as a turning point – a cosmic click in the combination lock – and our first trigger that would align us, prepare us, for the March Equinox shift. The split appears as DNA because our activated DNA is the key to shifting dimensions on a personal and global level. During this Gateway, your current timeline trajectory will become clear. Embodiers may experience a dramatic blissful state of consciousness as the new HUman crystalline templates activate to a new level. The massive stargate approaching (it looks like multi-layered geometry burning with sacred fire) has already begun to trigger DNA codes and the new crystalline templates. Engage with your sacred Ascension practices and zero point stillness during this window. Be willing to surrender the old trajectory, thought forms, beliefs, habits completely if you desire embodiment. Breathe through the stronger activations, meditate often, get outside to receive the stronger light emanating through Gaia. Gaia will be adjusting to the approaching stargate as well, however the focus on activating the Solar aspects [...]

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Magenta Pixie – Return to the Garden of Eden, Fourth Density Shift (March Equinox 2017)

What occurs on your planet now is unprecedented and the crescendo builds on a daily basis as you approach the March equinox date. Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick. Music by Kevin Macleod. Media c/o freeimages and motionbackgroundsforfree Magenta Pixie Website: http://www.magentapixie.com

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Danielle – Reclaiming Your World

Hi Brave-ones, Well as you probably have all noticed the energies are only increasing in their intensity. We are rolling down hill now and busting through some really deeply held fears and insecurities. But every time we do, we become lighter and more fluid. This process is so gradual that we haven’t really noticed how far we have come and how close we are to ‘The Big Reveal’ as my guides describe it. It is a process though, because we are going through this while incarnated, and that involves transmuting our carbon structures into crystalline Beings of light. Not an easy task, and a rather delicate one. So the co-ordinators of this Divine process, including our Higher-Selves, are walking a fine dance to make sure that it all happens expeditiously but safely as well. We don’t want to short circuit ourselves, haha. Everything is going according to plan, all is well, humanity is coping brilliantly- we didn’t manifest massive earth shifts out of fear, nor will we manifest world wars, we are beyond that. What we see out in 3D are the old fears playing themselves out and as we learn to use them as a feedback loop, we become more proficient at changing our mindset and choosing more empowering thoughts and visions to engage with. In the following clip Byron Katie demonstrates how to identify, own and transmute deep seated fears that we project into the world which manifests as our ‘reality’. In the clip, a woman who identifies Trump as the cause of all her fears, realises her role in creating the reality of doom and does a complet turn around. Very powerful work, and the key to Mastering this dimension. Please take [...]

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FEBRUARY 10TH, 2017 The first Lunar Eclipse of 2017 will take place overnight this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 10 and 11, as the Full Moon in Leo passes through the shadow of the Earth. This powerful alignment marks our entry into a new pattern of awareness that will heavily influence humanity’s new direction through 2017 and beyond. Reflected by several key astrological alignments, we are entering a new stage of personal and collective development — a time in which we will truly begin to know ourselves, learning to free ourselves of past conditioning and patterns, and bringing new light to a dark and seemingly broken world. LET’S LOOK AT THE ENERGY PATTERNS THAT WILL SHAPE AND REFLECT OUR EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS DURING THIS LUNAR CYCLE   SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS TRINE URANUS IN ARIES TRINE THE FULL MOON IN LEO When we look into the outside world today, we see reflections of devastating and disturbing things, with so much confusion and heavy-heartedness being felt in so many lives. Although it may be painful, we are in a vital process of deep ego deconstruction — a process of breaking down illusions and awakening to the truth of our co-created reality. The current evolutionary path for us right now, and indeed since 2012, has been directing us toward finding more space and freedom, and to liberate ourselves from the illusions that bind us to this needless cycle of human suffering. Marked by the onset of the powerful vibration that Pluto and Uranus have reflected since 2012, we have progressively witnessed and experienced the breakdown of social conditioning and outdated systems. Now, the trine alignments Saturn and Uranus are forming with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse reflect a new energy signature — one that breathes fire and life into [...]

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Sandra Walter – February Gateway: Utilizing the Eclipses, DNA, Timeline Alignment

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ We are utilizing the portals of the February eclipses (Lunar Eclipse on February 10 at 4:43pm PT and the Solar Eclipse of February 26 at 6:58 am PT) to support the February 22-25 light influx. The next two weeks provide energies which further refine the dismantling of old systems which are not in alignment with the higher trajectory created by the accelerated timelines. As always, these passages are utilized for global as well personal dismantling of that which does not serve the highest interests. Challenging Your Spiritual Choices Your Higher Selves attempt embodiment through the Ascension process, and these higher perspectives reveal what is needed on the journey, and what must be discarded. As the light level and timelines continue to divide realities, this great sorting out of belief systems is both purposeful and necessary to bring forth the higher realities of pure unity consciousness. Our Gateway of February 22 – 25th, just prior to the trigger point of the Solar eclipse on the 26th is a choice-point for the larger wave of light anticipated around the March Equinox. We still have intense timeline flux; many primary and secondary timelines are still adjusting to the collective vibration. Our conscious choices, actions, thoughts and emotions greatly affect collective outcomes. While those aligned with the Mastery experience tremendously affect the raising of the collective vibration, and make those timeline experiences available for all, the rift between experiences can only grow so wide before they divide. This is why Gatekeepers have been focused on the Solar aspects of the new grids, awakening of the Solar temples, and opening pathways through the SUN with the higher Councils of Light. More on that soon. Utilizing [...]

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