We are going through a tremendous transformational shift right now and for most of us this can be very confusing.

It is like we are sitting on the deck of the Titanic and our deck chairs are starting to slide to one side. Some look up to see what is going on and notice the ship is tilting precariously in one direction. Others, at the front of the ship have seen the iceberg and understand the full scope of the situation. The majority though, are complaining that their deck chairs keep sliding inconveniently in the same direction but refuse to look up.

Eventually, the full scope of the situation will become visible to all on board, each in their own time. However, for some the understanding may be too much to cope with and they will ignore the signs until the bitter end. No judgement, it is after all a virtual reality… a game in transition. We find ourselves with the opportunity to move from one level to the next. Those ready to make that shift will look up and make the necessary adjustments, others will choose to go down with the ship and continue at their chosen level in another virtual reality…again no judgement.

The critical point here is that, in order to move to that next level of the game we must take care of our Avatar (body). Many are feeling at their wits end by the clearing going on right now, abandoning ship is no easy task. The important thing to remember is to release all beliefs, values and measures of success that were part of the 3D world, so that the transition can be easier on you. In other words, you cannot take your luggage into the lifeboat with you!

I am finding that those who are looking at where they are right now and seeing only failure and loss in their wake, are struggling the most. The universe is helping us release all of our attachments to material values because we need to make room for new ones  which reflect our Infinite nature. It can seem extremely painful, especially for those who have invested most of their lives working towards achieving accreditation, status and power on the old earth. However, the price of the New World involves releasing our hold on those achievements (which are really beliefs and assumptions based in 3D logic) in exchange for the recognition of our infinite nature and innate capability to manifest what we desire freely in joy by following our heart’s desire in the infinite Now of 5D.

So if you are assessing your life and thinking ‘I should be better off/ financially more stable/ feeling more secure…’  then that is evidence that you are still using the old measures of success to assess where you are. On 5D Earth, success is measured by how peaceful, joyful and inspired we feel DESPITE what is going on in the 3D world, because that world is no longer our highest vision for ourselves and slowly disintegrating.

Face forward, connect with the tremendous possibilities that you can sense looming onto the horizon. Take notice of the many new inventions filtering through in a tidal wave of creative potential that cannot be shackled any longer. This infinite wave of creative energy is here to assist in our shift and brings with it the momentum we need to rise above limitation.

So in this New World we gradually realise that we no longer need an external vehicle to get places (like the Titanic in 3D). Instead, our consciousness, which is sacred, Divine, eternal, infinite, unlimited and unified will become the vehicle of choice. Individually, it reanimates our Avatar with a new set of parameters which will in time allow it to have skills we have always dreamed of. As our collective consciousness (Gaia’s social complex system) we work as One to manifest projects on a grander scale with the common values of joy, expansion, growth and exploration through respect, cooperation and collaboration.

This is where we stand now! We are here. The next step is to connect more fully with your vision of what you would love to bring to the world. Nurture your vision, articulate it, write it down, meditate on it for clearer guidance and allow it to come to you. Know that this vision is coming from the collective consciousness when it makes your heart sing. Some of you will already be seeing the effects of this practice, others will start to very shortly.

We are here my friends at the precipice of our New World. Keep nurturing Her, send Her much Love and She will return it in infinite abundance.

We are One, our essence is Love. We are coming Home again!

Danielle xxx