As we move closer towards the coming Equinox most of us can feel incremental shifts preparing us for another major wave of energy upgrades. The feminine is connecting with the Universal gateway chakra, meaning that our feminine side will be feeling more expansive and multi-dimensional than ever before. She may start remembering lifetimes in other worlds and dimensions, other states of Being and definitely the Unconditionally Loving state of the Universe. The masculine side is opening up psychically, meaning clearer visions, new levels of understanding and creative ideas are coming to the fore as part of reconnecting with our soul’s purpose.

As these waves hit, we slowly start to awaken on even deeper levels as more and more people begin to ask: ‘why am I here?’ I  am personally witnessing this as I speak to Lightworkers who are now ready to articulate their visions as the first step to grounding the projects of the New Earth.

Writing down our visions and getting them on paper helps pull that vision in. Now is the time for the Lightworkers and Wayshowers to coalesce these ideas and make them a reality. Once our visions are clearly articulated, we can start to add detail and flesh out and fine tune their nuances. This also helps pull in the necessary energies needed to manifest your dream. Additionally, the clearer your vision, the more alert you are to the exterior synchronicities that are bringing them to you.

The whole process is one steeped in joy, fun and creative adventure as we finally get to play with ideas which had been relegated to the back burner due to lack of funding or time constraints. The new energies are felt like a gentle drawing in/attraction rather than the old pushing,’working’ at or forceful ways. Life on New Earth flows, we tap into the flow by following what makes our heart sing in the moment and automatically we are following the will of the Divine, demonstrated by how inspired and joyful we feel when we are in alignment with our heart’s desire.

This week I had the pleasure of joining with a group of Wayshowers in my area who’s personal visions and honourable value base demonstrated to me that everything is indeed coming into fruition. In general, I also feel a groundswell of  support for more ethical, collaborative and respectful practices throughout all aspects of society. The change is happening at a grassroots level as each one of us takes personal responsibility for our actions and radiate love, support and forgiveness to each other. Not always easy, but so worth the effort!

I will share a link from Sandra Walter who also expresses her observations on this growing creative wave and her take on it:

We have entered a new era, the old is making way for the new. As we turn our focus on our visions we send less attention on the crumbling structures of the past and give thanks for all that it taught us about who we weren’t so that we have a clearer understanding and respect for who we truly Are…the Divine, exploring all creative possibilities into infinity.

That explosion of light you see before you is the Collective Consciousness of HUmaity stepping into its true identity! As Michael Monk says BOOM!!!

Heartfelt Blessings