An Interpretation of How the Universe Works –  details the nature of reality and our inherent ability to manifest our creation.

Money and Ascension – Explanation of the limiting role of money to the free flow of energy.

Remembering you are Infinite–  Discusses our multi-dimensional, infinite, unlimited nature

Repurposing Old Thoughts– How to quickly change thoughts to provide positive outcomes

Creating Our New World – How we can use thoughts to create the new paradigm

Where Are We Now May 2014 – A look at the present situation during the paradigm shift

Reality and illusion – How to determine the difference between what is Real and what is a virtual reality

Imagination – Explains how your imagination is really your multi-dimensional mind

Characteristics of a 5th Dimensional Earth – Describes qualities of living in unity consciousness

3rd Dimensional Earth – Characteristics of 3D Earth and our inherent memory of unity consciousness

Using the Violet Flame for Transmutation – How to use the violet flame to transmute negative energies

Living in a Freewill Universe –  Describes the implications of freewill choices to create your reality

Message from a Twin Flame – Poem from a 5th dimensional aspect of a twin flame

Evolving the Ego – Discussing the role the ego has played in assisting us to experience 3D and the new role of our multi-dimensional selves.

Newton Physics and Scalar Physics – Explains the integration of the inner and outer world as a process of moving from separation into unity consciousness.

The following is an article written by Ben Fulford about the state of health in the world today and proposes a new approach:




Normally hidden from prying eyes, Ruptly was allowed take exclusive drone footage of the stunning ‘Tesla Tower’ in the Moscow region. The vast research site is home to general enormous voltage impulse generators that potentially have the capacity to equal Russia’s entire electricity output:



In this interview Dr Robert Duncan former CIA Engineer discusses the technology used by black opps to manipulate peoples’ thinking through mind mapping and cloning techniques amongst others:



“All Wars Are Bankers Wars”, this video discusses in great detail the role the banks played in recent history and their part in creating dishevel on the planet. Very informative:



Experts present revealing evidence of the dangerous effects of Geo-Engineering Chemtrails has had on nature and human health. Scientists, doctors, pilots, meteorologists and more share their concerns with the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in a Hearing on Chemtrails and Geoengineering from July 15, 2014



German reporter stands up and exposes mass media manipulation by CIA etc in Western nations, interviewed Sept, 2014:



SHELL GAME: A Military Whistleblowing Report to the U.S. Congress Exposing the Betrayal and Cover-Up by the U.S. Government of the Union Bank of Switzerland-Terrorist Threat Finance Connection to Booz Allen Hamilton and U.S. Central Command. Great example of how information is deliberately suppressed to continue the ‘War on Terror’, interview Oct, 2014:


The US has started 201 foreign armed attacks since WW2, causing the world’s peoples to conclude in polling that the US is indeed #1 as the most threatening nation to world peace.
Read more:


John Pilger makes a very salient argument regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in:

Breaking the last taboo – Gaza and the threat of world war



Bernie Suarez wrote an interesting article highlighting some interesting observations re-ISIS:



U.S. intelligence Veterans Warn Merkel On Russian ‘Invasion’ Intel



The Underbelly of Corporate America: Insider Selling, Stock Buy-Backs, Dodgy Profits

Secret Space Program Conference Reveals Intel on Black Ops Technology, ET’s, and Free Energy

posted 1 August, 2014” rel=”bookmark”>Secret Space Program Conference Reveals Intel on Black Ops Technology, ET’s, and Free Energy


Great documentary on the Global Financial collapse of 2008 and the investigations that led to no arrests, narrated by Matt Damon:




EPA admits to Chemtrails, posted May 2014



This is a must see article on false flags:


Mike Adams ~ USDA Goes Paramilitary: Organic Certifier Buying Submachine Guns With Night Sites, 30-Round Magazines:


Great crop circle site, this time from Holland:



This is a great spoof on the gas fracking protests in northern NSW Australia:


Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation:


For those of you interested in avoiding paying your fines here is a great article from a retired policeman:


An interesting article investigating banking executive ‘suicides’:



Astrology sites: - From Bill Attride - By Jennifer Hoffman - compilation of various astrologers and channelers’ regular updates - Jamye Price predicts the upcoming month’s energies

Mary Rodwell: ETs, Souls, The New Humans, and a coming global Shift– Australian Close Encounter Research Network


Dr Steven Greer: Why are Extraterrestrials Visiting Us? Sept 2013. – Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence – Dr Steven Greer’s blog site


Recent whistleblower revelations of ET approach, Oct 2013:

Original post from:


Confirmation from Tolec regarding previous whistleblower comments:

Self Help Practices Created by Danielle

Reprogramming old beliefs – practice used to remove old unwanted beliefs that are blocking spiritual growth, informed by Indigenous knowledge.

An Interpretation of How Manifesting Works – very powerful information about the nature of the universe and how we can use our inherent powers to create what we want.

Terminating Agreements General – document detailing the wording used to terminate known and unknown agreements made with outside entities not acting in our best interest.



Orlando Bishop, very gentle being with an empowering view of reality: – Sawbona, African greeting – The Authentic Expression of My Voice – Relationship – Orland Bishop Speaks at the 2009 Minnesota Men’s Conference (1hr)


Holographic Kinetics: –  Aboriginal Dreamtime Healing – Nassim Haramein’s site – compilation of a variety of new energy technology – discussion into free energy – site for Dr Keshe’s discoveries

Sheldan Nidle Channeling:


Marlene Swetlishoff:


Amariah Mara Channeling the Simion Collective: -The Evolutionary Collective


Terri Newlon Channeling:



Collective sites: A collective of channelers – Kathryn May posting ‘The New Earth Times’ newsletter

My focus here is on creating a list of sites that attempt to focus on a positive interpretation of the changes occurring rather than on a doom and gloom approach to current events: – this site has links to all the major New Age sites and general statistics etc – a comprehensive look at alternative views, created by Gillian Grannum – Kauilapele’s Blog  movement in Africa advocating human rights – video interviews by Lilou Mace -Interviews by Lisa Harrison with ‘alternative’ personalities making a difference – articles complied by Jon Rappoport investigative journalist – a site created by Ken and Scot Bartles exposing Australia as a corporation – Press TV, articles in the headlines – Mary Croft on all things economic – insigntful article on where the banks stand @ 5/11/13


Terminating Agreements General (document used to break agreements made on your timeline with all entities) (this site has links to all the major New Age sites and general statisitics etc) (here Teal, through video presentations, discusses many esoteric principles including opening the 3rd eye, unconditional love, psychic vampirism and much more) International Academy of Consciousness, helping people achieve their human potential

Neville Goddard pdf and videos:

Neville Goddard- Feeling is the Secret

Neville-Goddard- Awakened Imagination


Docs by Danielle:

An Interpretation of How the Universe Works –  details the nature of reality and our inherent ability to manifest our creation.

Money and Ascension – Explanation of the limiting role of money to the free flow of energy.